Auto-replies are addresses that are intended on sending a canned reply message when written to it. For example, writing to will generate a canned reply with information about me. There are a number of addresses Рeach with a respective message. Also, I chosen to use rather than in the case that something should happen to my address. If I had to give up one of the two, it would be the .info domain. Below is a list of auto-replies that you could write to.

If I should need to add addresses, I will list the addition in this page. Keep in mind that the email server will only send one canned response from one address to one address per 24 hour period. Therefore, if wrote to at 2AM, and wrote to at 1AM, the next morning, he will not get an auto-reply since it has been less than 24 hours. However, he can still write to, and get a message.

You can also read the auto-responders by reading the appropriate page within this site. The way I manage my auto-responders is I compose or edit a .txt file. I then copy the content, and go to my hosting control panel to paste the message. After that, I will go to this site, and paste the message here. Both reading the email, and the web version is the same.