This email auto-reply is for anyone that is either a Facebook friend, or wishing to consider being one. I have this email setup because I could not put the entire details in the About Section of my Facebook page. This email will go into detail of who I would accept, what will happen when I accept them, and how they can lose the friendship If you are in this position, I will suggest that you read the entire email.

First, to be a friend, I must know you through another means. This could be an established email conversation, an established SMS conversation, I know you in real life, or similar instances. I will not accept strangers as Facebook friends because we are not friends. I would assume that this should go without saying, but there has been times when random strangers would request to be my friend when we are not really friends.

Assuming I accept your friendship, I will automatically unfollow you. This is so your posts do not show up on my wall. Not all of my friends are the brightest of people, and some would spit out conspiracies, and racist remarks which I do not want on my wall. Rather than giving everyone a 1 strike rule, and wait for the damage to be done, I just unfollow everyone. If you are friending me so you can post crazy comments from other people on my wall, then you might just want to unfriend me, and I will be OK with that. In addition, I do not use Facebook Messenger. If you wish to reach out to me, I will suggest email, SMS, or telephone.

Now, there is a way to get unfriended. The most common is to not keep in contact with me. I should not have to bed for friends, and if you asked to be my friend, and I do not hear from you in 3+ months, I am going to unfriend you. The reason for this is there is no real friendship or relationship, and if that is the case, are we really friends? If you want to be my Facebook friend, you have to work for it. If I add you, I will look for contact information. If I see none – the ball is in your court. If for some reason you do not have my contact information, refer to the bottom of this email. I clean out my contacts on months divisible by three. If you friend me in March, and made no initiative to keep in touch with me. In June, I might keep you, but if the pattern continues – September, you will be unfriended.

Hope this information provides of some value. If so, keep this knowledge in mind when requesting to be a friend.

Frank Pilone
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