This email will go into detail on how to setup a SIP account, and use it to make a PSTN call. PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network. This is basically the global telephone number, and the network it relies on. A SIP call is all in good, but if you can only reach 10% of the people you wish to call, it may not be that good. To make a SIP call, you just need a SIP provider that will allow you to call beyond its network. We want something that will call the PSTN, and therefore reach 100% of the people you wish to reach.

So what do you need to get started. Well, you will need a few things. First, you will need an Internet connection. This could be cellular, or using your home Wifi, but you need a reliable Internet connection. The call will carry over the internet to the end switch – therefore reducing the cost of the call. You will also need a credit or debit card (Mastercard of Visa logo). This is because you are going to have a monthly bill for your SIP account Not an ideal situation, but one needed. You would also need a compatible phone. This will mean Android or iOS. To my knowledge, there is no Kai OS SIP client. And at least for the setup process, you probably should use a notebook or desktop PC. If you live in Canada or the US, you will need to provide E911 information. I would imagine that you would use your cellular line to make a 911 call, but they will require this nonetheless.

Now, it is time to get your SIP account. Go to and go to the Sign Up link in the top right of the page. You will see it’s above the Support and Contact Us Line. You will enter your First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, and email address. Your Username must be unique to the system, so john.smith probably would not work even if your name is John Smith. Your email also has to be unique to the system. I have yet to get SPAM from this company, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your email address. Next, you would check the box that says You’re not a robot. You may have to do an image verification test as well. Once you are done, you have created your Callcentric Account. Congrats.

Once you logged in, you would be presented with your dashboard. First thing we need to do is go to preferences. Make sure everything looks correctly under the general tab. If so, we are good to move the next tab (Contact Info). Fill in all of the required information. This will make life for you easier as they will use your address for your billing, and e911 info. Next, go to security, and make any changes you will want there. Now go to Billing, and make whatever changes you want there. Under Credit Cards is where you would enter your card information. This is needed for you to eventually make PSTN calls which is again, what you want to do. For call forwarding, you likely don’t have anything here as you don’t have any numbers yet. However, we will go with Call Treatments as the default. Again, under CNAM – you may not see anything, but your name should show if there is such an option. For Channels, I will leave everything be. For Voicemail, make sure everything is correct there. Under Fax, and Calling Card – these entries will do no good unless you get a dedicated phone number for these options. We just want to make calls.

Next, go to the top where it says Receive Calls. You will want to get the Dollar Unlimited Plan. This will cost you $1.00, and there is no setup fee. If prompted, you do not need SMS support. Next, go to Make Calls, and select the best plan for you. You would want at least the North America Basic Plan. Pay the initial payments, and move on.

Towards the top where we selected Preferences, we now want to move to Extensions. Since it is just you making calls, we only need one extension. Create a new extension, and you would have the following
Username (starts with 1777, and is followed by a 7 digit number). Make note of this number.
Extension: You want it to be 100
Phone Password: Make this a simple password, and write it down. Do NOT save the password if your password manager prompt to save changes
Internal Calling Ext. Name: Anything you want.
CallerID to send: Select your phone number.
Block Caller ID: If you don’t want your number to show, select Yes. If you are OK with your number showing, select No
Do not disturb: Off. You obviously want to receive calls.
Anonymous call rejection: Off or Send calls to voicemail
Call Waiting: On or Send calls to voicemail
On the right hand side of the screen, leave everything alone. Now select Save, and again do NOT save new password if password manager prompts to save changes.

We will skip SMS, and under forwarding, we want the number to go to Call treatments. Under Call Treatments, we will want to create 4 rules. Don’t worry, these will make sense.
Rule 1: Send Anon/Private calls when Status to Any to Voicemail for Ext 100. If you are OK with Anonymous Callers, then skip this rule
Rule 2: When Status is On a Call, send to Voicemail. If you want Call Waiting calls, skip this rule
Rule 3: When Status is Not Registered, send calls to voicemail.
Rule 4: When Status is Any, send calls to Extension 100 for 30 seconds, then voicemail (Use Call Hunting).

Rule 3 will send callers to voicemail if your SIP client is not registering online. You want to do this to still get voicemail if your SIP client isn’t working properly. Rule 4 is basically to get incoming calls assuming Rules 1-3 are not in effect.

Now, we are done with the service side of the setup. Now, it is time for you to set up your SIP client to connect with the service. All of the work means nothing if we can’t make or receive calls. You could go one of two options. You can go to free, and have a poor experience. If so, look for ‘Callcentric’ in your phone’s App Store. I personally chosen Acrobits Softphone which was $10 when I bought it. I can have multiple SIP accounts (if that’s my thing), and have features like QuickDial (allowing me to set frequently called numbers), and obviously – a keypad. Assuming you chosen Acrobits Softphone, select your keypad, and then the gear at top right of the screen. Select SIP accounts, and then the + in the top right again. Scroll to Callcentric, select that and enter your User Name (11 digit number as your username), and password (what you set up in password from extensions). Assuming you entered the credentials correctly, you should be ready to make your calls. However, let’s do one thing first, and setup your voicemail. Dial*123 on your keypad, and follow the directions in setting up your voicemail. When done, you may want to set this number as a Quickdial number. I would give it the name of Voicemail. Once you are setup, you can now make and receive calls. Stay within your limits, and remember toll-free numbers are free. The way you will be able to identify a US/Canada toll-free number starts as follows:

Therefore +1 8009217610 is a toll-free number since it begins with 1800. Make a test call to someone you know in the US, and see if everything works. If so, congratulations, you made your first call. If not, send a message to Callcentric support. Something might be wrong, and you might need their help in finding the problem.

Take Care,