File Limits

Large files are a nuisance when it comes to email. Some providers may restrict how large of a file you may send or receive. With this in mind, I have created a download site which is intended exclusively for large files. All of the files I wish to send you will be combined into one .zip file. This will hold true for one file or 100 files. The file name will be based on the date and time of creating the .zip file. For example, to create a new .zip file now will be This file will be uploaded to the download site, and the link given to you. You will then be able to download the file at your convenience, and there will be no issue from email servers rejecting your email.

All files will be a .zip file format. This is chosen for compatibility. I can safely assume that all modern Operating Systems can support .zip files. This is the same with just 1 file, or 10 files. When you get the email with the link, I would recommend that you download the file as soon as possible. The file will likely sit on my download site for a little more than a week, but I do try to keep the files on my hosting company to a minimum.