Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy between Frank S. Pilone (me), and you (visitor). This privacy policy is the same with all websites located and noted at If you should have any concerns with your privacy, and my websites, you may contact me as most appropriate for you at

Personal Data Collected

There is no personal data collected about you by me. However, the theme developer might have collection methods that is not disclosed to me. This is because the theme is free of charge, and might have some analytical collection methods involved. I do not however have any arrangement with the developer of this theme.


Only my blog site offers a means of adding comments to my content, and only to blog postings. ALL comments are held in moderation to keep comments constructive, and civil. Any information provided with the comment maybe disclosed to the public. This could include but not limited to name, and email address. Obviously, if approved, the comment may also be public. If you wish to relay information to me without leaving a comment, consider using the contact information at


Only I can upload media for this site, or any site within my network of websites. This is because the network of sites are all centered around me.


I do not have any cookies installed for my site. This is because I don’t collect personal information. However, the theme developer may or may not have cookies setup within the theme. My hosting company might access the logs that are generated when a visitor visits a page. This will only be for support and maintenance purposes only.

Data Usage

I do not collect, or share data. This is because the site are not meant for marketing anything. All of my sites are developed by me, and managed by me on my own time, and demand of resources. The only data collected or used is what the visitor provides in any comments, or contact forms.

Contact Information

All of my current and up to date contact information is located at When any changes are needed to be made to the contact information, it will be done there.